(N+1)x1 LMA Fiber Combiner Working Station Put in Operation

Release Date: 2012-11-26

2012-11, Shanghai—Rayscience, the subsidiary of Oelabs released (N+1)x1 LMA fiber Combiner working Station. It put into operation at the labs of Chinese university and institute. Compared to the standard coupler working station, some configurations are highlighted,

1. It is configured with longer taper stage, which side tapering length is max 50mm. The larger core size fiber can be fused with wider temperature region and lower the insertion loss.


2.     The rotation clamp is built onto the taper stage , which can make the fiber bundle rotation in 360 degree and heating evenly.


3.     Fiber clamp is adaptive to different input fiber size, such as pump fiber: 105/125um or 220/220um, or pump fiber is 200/220um and signal fiber is 20/400um.


4.     Torch head is made with special material which can support working temperature higher than 2000 degree.


Fiber laser development should be a hot issue in China , China will spend more investment and efforts in improving their manufacturing capability. Fiber laser will be highly welcomed in fiber cutting, wielding and fiber marking , fiber carving. LMA fiber combiner should be a key item composing of the fiber laser.

   “ It should be a promising machine for fiber combiner developing” one of our customer comments.

   “ In next few months , we will upgrade the CCD camera system which can facility the taper operation “ says of CTO –Alen Chen.

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