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RS-Si3271Z - Si PIN Photo Diode Lineal Series Devices
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RS-Si3271Z - Si PIN Photo Diode Lineal Series Devices

Si PIN Photo Diode Lineal Series Devices

  • Product Code:RS-Si3271Z
  • Item:RS-Si3271Z RS-Si113

  • Large Detection Area
  • Fast Response Speed
  • Low Noise and Cross talk
  • High Uniformity and Reliability


  • Warning Equipment
  • Distance Measurement, Tracking, Location
  • OE Conversion and Detection


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Device Mechanism

Linear array of photo diode is an idea method to detection weak optical signal. Each detector in the array output varied with different light received, So the detector array can be used in target searching, tracking and location application with the post process circuit. And also can be used in security and medical fields.


Typical Operating Characteristics (TA=23℃)


Typical Operating Characteristics (TA=23℃)


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