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RS-Si102 - Si PIN Photodiode
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RS-Si102 - Si PIN Photodiode

Si PIN Photodiode

  • Product Code:RS-Si102 Series
  • Item:RS-Si102 Series

  • Planar Front Side Structure
  • Fast Response Speed
  • Low Dark Current
  • High Responsivity
  • High Reliability


  • Distance Measure
  • Process Control
  • Detection in visible and near infrared Fast Optical Pulse detection


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Device Mechanism

 Works under reverse bias, When light strikes the sensitive area of the device,a pair of electron and hole will appear, the carrier go through the depletion under bias ,the optical current appear in circuit. The 4 PD in the device can be used individually, and also can be used together.


Typical Operating Characteristics (TA=23℃)


Note and Usage Instruction

1.Reverse Bias

2.No Vibration and shock when device operating

3.Static Charge Protection (Storage, Operating


Pin Configuration (Back Side View)



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