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Dual-channel Avalanche Photoreceiver
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Dual-channel Avalanche Photoreceiver

  • Product Code:OE-APRM-BW-I-2
  • Item:OE-APRM-BW-I-2
  • Brand:OELABS

 Key Features

 Spectral Range 800-1700nm

 3dB Band-width 10/100/200MHz

 Rise time Min.1.8ns

 Integrates current-to-voltage amplifier

 Temperature compensation

 Low noise, high gain

 Dual channel

 Single power supply DC 12V

 Dimensions 95x70x20mm

 SMA output


 Raman Optical Fiber Temperature Monitoring System DTS

              Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Monitoring System DVS

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