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HTF-High Temperature Fiber
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HTF-High Temperature Fiber

  • Product Code:HTF
  • Item:HTF
  • Brand:OELABS


· Mining industry

· Aerospace

· Military

· Oil/gas industry

· Medical


· Excellent high temperature stability

· Excellent optical and geometrical properties

· Customized profile and sizes

Typical Products

1. Special Polymer Coated High Temperature Fiber

 Operation temperature: 

 long term, -65 ℃ to +150 ℃ ;

 intermittent, up to 200 ℃

Cladding diameter range from 200μm to 660μm, 

customized NA and coating diameter

• Coating diameter (125μm cladding fibers): 245±10μm

• Coating diameter (200-660μm cladding fibers): NA: Customized

2. Optimized Polyimide Coated High Temperature Fiber

Operation temperature: 

 in long term, -65 ℃ to +300 ℃ ;

 intermittent, up to 350 ℃

• Coating diameter (125μm cladding fibers): 155±5μm

• Coating diameter ( ≤ 220μm cladding fibers): NA: Customized

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