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Air-cooled Vibration Test System
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Air-cooled Vibration Test System

  • Product Code:OEES
  • Item:OEES
  • Brand:OELABS

Performance Parameters

1.Forced-air cooling

2.Sinusoidal excitation force range is from 1KN to 70KN

3.Random to sinusoidal excitation force ratio is 1:1

4.Two-times-of-sine shock force(Three times optional)

5.Displacement peak-to-peak value:25mm,40mm,51mm,76mm,or 100mm

6.The lightweight armature features optimization design and strong 

   vibration-resistant performance

7.The air spring at trunnion position gives outstanding vibration 

  isolation effect.

8.Strong bearing capacity of air spring in central room,and excellent

  low-frequency performance

9.Double magnetic circuit design offers low flux leakage and uniform magnetic field.

10.Available test functions include Sine,Random,Shock,and more.

11.Superb cooling effect and Low noise

12.Highly efficient and reliable power amplifier

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