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Release Date: 2012-11-22

   The fiber optic connector is an important fiber optic component used to link two fiber optic lines together. Beside connector, there is also another item, which is fiber optic adapter with panels to connecting multi fiber optic line. Specifically, the fiber optic adapter is a small device that used to terminate or link the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines. In order to realize the fluent fiber optic connection, the fiber optic adapter panel shapes or types should be in accordance with the fiber optic connectors or cables. Common shapes of the adapters are square, rectangular, or round that with FC, LC, ST, SC, MTRJ types. There are also single mode and multimode fiber optic adapters or single mode and multimode fiber optic connections. So when purchasing fiber optic adapters for fiber connections, it is essential to choose the right fiber optic adapter according to the fiber optic connector or fiber optic cables.

    Standard or flange fiber optic adapter is a typical type used to connect the same types of optical connector, there are SC, ST, LC and MTRJ fiber optic cable adapter type available for choosing. These adapters are comprised of two or more female connections that fiber optic cables can be plugged into. flange fiber optic adapters are typically with ceramic sleeves, fitting for both single mode and multimode fiber optic connections.

    Hybrid fiber optic adapters are another type used to link two different kinds of fiber connectors or cable assemblies. For example, LC to SC hybrid adapter, it can link LC connector at one side and SC connector at the other side. Hybrid fiber adapters can be also used for single mode and multimode fiber optic connections with PC or APC sleeves, in simplex and duplex style. Hybrid fiber adapters use high precision ceramic sleeves because it can provide reliable ferrule mating and ensure low insertion loss and return loss during the connecting. This type of optical fiber adapters is with compact sized and widely used for network environments integrating different configurations and telecommunications networks.

    Bare fiber adapter is structured with optic fibers on one side and the adapter on the other side. It is used to link the bare optical fiber cable to fiber optic equipments. The adapter side is a connector that can plug into the equipment and enable a quick and easy termination for the optic fiber. Because this feature of the bare fiber adapters, they are widely used for emergency situation for fast and temporary fiber optic or urgent connection, testing bare fiber, fiber on the reel, fiber before and after installation and so on. SC, FC, LC, ST bare fiber adapters is now available in the market.

    A single optical fiber adapter usually could hold a dozen of cables, if you splice multiple adapters together, it can even make hundreds or thousands of connection. Knowing what kind of connections, multimode or single mode, simplex or duplex, as well as the connector types can help you choose the corresponding right type of optical fiber.Source:


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