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 The buyer/planner will be in charge of purchasing and shipment arrangement (mainly for optical lenses and mechanical parts). Use ERP system to set the item price and vendor information. Manage and follow system PO. Work with suppliers to ensure products are produced on time according to specifications. Arrange customs entry and preparations of shipments for export.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. System PO and Shipment management: Manage system PO from internal customers, review orders, requests for changes in delivery and response to customers on time. Use ERP system ((Microsoft Dynamics AX) to understand changes in demand, and update delivery schedules accordingly. Follow the vendor’s production and Shipment delivery status, coordinate changes in schedule to meet requirements. Prepare Customs export document and arrange shipments for customers. Arrange payment for vendor on time and manage the customers’ overdue payment

2. Defective Goods Management: Follow the defective issue from Customers or QC department, push vendor to find the defective reason and offer the improvement report in time. Manage the vendor replacement or returned shipments.

3. New vendor sourcing and price negotiation: Assistant purchasing manager for Mechanics and Optics parts vendor sourcing. Negotiate with vendors for cost up and cost down issue.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • 1. More than 2 years of purchasing experience (prefer in the metal mechanics or optics industry).

    2. Experience using an ERP system and MRP for purchasing management such as SAP, or Axapta. Knowledge of how MRP works and how it is used for purchasing.

    3. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Mechanics or Optics related is a plus.

    4. Good verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills in both Chinese and English.

    5. Experience analyzing data, creating forecasts and estimating purchasing needs.

    6. Being able to read engineering drawings and good understanding of manufacturing process for mechanics or optics is a plus.

Location - Shanghai, China




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