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Balanced Photoreceiver
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Balanced Photoreceiver

  • Product Code:OB-BPRM
  • Item:OB-BPRM
  • Brand:OELABS

    Key Features                                       

  • Spectral Range 400-1700nm                          
  •  Various 3dB band-width options                         
  •  With output monitoring                               
  • Rise time Min.<0.2ns                               
  • CMRR>30dm
  • low noise
  • Single power supply DC 12V
  •  Dimensions 47x42x20mm
  •  SMA output
  •  Can be customized


  •  Nanosecond optical pulse detection
  •  aser radar
  •  Brillouin Optical Fiber Sensing System
  •  f-OTDR
  •  OCT(Optical coherent tomography)


  •  Photosensitive surface diameter
  •  Band-width
  •  Gain
  •  Output Coupling

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